Administrative Applications

NCCOS Admin Applications

Tools for Coastal Science Project Managers and Planners

NCCOS Administrative Applications are internal tools designed to assist coastal science managers and planners with file storage and collaboration, project planning, and communications. For user access, questions, or issues, please email the NCCOS Web & App Support Team.

Marine Mammal Information System

The Marine Mammal Information System was developed to capture general information on marine mammals that stranded primarily in South Carolina. The database also contains life history information, necropsy reports, pathology reports, photographs, and samples collected from each animal.

Science Portfolio Management System

The NCCOS Science Portfolio Management System is the application used to collect data on all of NCCOS's applied science, research, and long term monitoring projects regardless of funding type. The data are used to monitor the distribution across multiple portfolio goals.


The NCCOS Checkbook application is the acquisition and expenditure support tool providing CD-435 generation and funds verification for NCCOS divisions and branches.

Chemistry Information Management System

The NCCOS ChemLims application is the Hollings Marine Lab information management system, which receives, processes and produces data related to analytic chemistry performed by HML staff.